Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have FO's!!!!

First things first, I have a job. A real job. An 8 hour, 8-5, sit in a cubicle job. Does it make me happy? Not really. But it's a step to making my life better and it's a paycheck. 

What's really great is that I have the opportunity to learn a whole facet of an industry that I had really only put my toe in; a much larger ocean of knowledge is waiting for me to just drink up!

Given that I have a full-time job, working on projects is limited to time before and after work, the weekends and my lunch breaks. Even with those limitations, I have been able to tackle my long list of projects to finish and start. 

So, enough of that. Here's project number one: Tripartite.

Not the best photo in the world but I'll get a better shot later. Started last August, this is 100% linen yarn, lace weight, by Shu Bui. I really hope this yarn gets softer as I wear it but no matter, I really like this thing. Makes me look like I have bat wings. Also, there are mistakes... Many, actually. I totally lost track of what I was doing when I was working on the second half. Oh well.. non-crafters will have no idea and there are other ways to wear this thing with which I will experiment tomorrow. It's so damn cold in my office!!

Ok, so project number two was just started yesterday. At Granite, where I work, there's a knitting group!! YES A KNITTING GROUP WHERE I WORK!!! ZOMG!! They are donating hats and things to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and they have an open and free stash of cotton yarn that is available to anyone that wants some. I grabbed a small ball of teal cotton yarn for another hat but my first hat used up a hank of cotton I already had. This is in Aracunia cotton (I can't remember the name) but it's lovely:

So this worked up REALLY quick. Plus the yarn was thick/thin so it seemed to grow a lot. But I was happy to be able to donate a hat during the first time meeting these ladies. They were very nice and accepting. I'm looking forward to going to the meetings in the future.

Lastly, a little more than a week ago, I finished one of my two Find Your Arrow Mystery KAL's that I started! This thing is HUGE at 8 feet long. All worsted weight yarn (over 1000 yards of it!) and made on size 10 needles. After blocking it out, I'm quite in love with it. I definitely see myself wearing it at some point....maybe on the beach after sunset? Anyway:

Well that's it for now!! With each project finished, I'm clearing out my project list. On to the next one!!!

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