Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New interestingness...

Ok, so another dumb shit crossed my path today. This woman was right up there with the fake-dead baby chick. Just so everyone knows, worcester region is NOT doubling coupons! Ive had to answer that question way more than necessary. Seriously. And this chick takes the cake. Not only did she come to our store 3 times and get the same answer, today was #4 and she actually got to the manager. Now its fine that the manager made the decision to doulbe her past used coupons and give her some money. Thats on the manager when corporate sees the transaction...but when the dumbshit woman hands me the flyer and tells me thats she got it from the boston globe i have to hold myself from jumping over the counter. Even after explaining that the two major area papers had no such flyer she still didnt get it. This is one of those hardcore consumer activist types believing that the customer really is always right (when thats so not true) and pushed the issue so hard that my manager buckled. Its not about customer satisfaction at that point. Its about adhering to a policy. Its not about "not getting complaints" in fact a complaints is what is needed here. The policy is wrong! We need a change. Who better to answe that than corporate after a complaint. The manager should have put her foot down and told the customer exactly what we did and didnt honour. This wasnt a regular. This was someone who got a hold of that flyer and wanted her way. Period.

Its those people that should be lined up and shot. Dumbshits.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

An interesting customer

Ok, had a woman come in today and return a car seat. After explaining that she didnt need it she went on to say the reason. This was most discomforting. She says that since she lost the baby it wouldnt be necessary. Now, yes we processed the transaction but was the sob story needed. No. Further, she purchased it using her H&R block debit card. It was explained that the $ would go back onto the card. She accepted and it was done. When she called back she asked to speak to me. She then proceeded to berate me about how the money wasnt there. I explained how it would take a couple fo days and she was back into story mode. This is what she told me: "I am very upset. I needed that money today to finish making funeral arrangements and needed that. Now i have to wait and they're creamating my son tomorrow." REALLY?! Ok, then how did you get out of the hospital? They usually keep mothers for grief couselling and physical watch. Also, the $70 of the car seat is hampering all your funeral arrangements which you were using your tax refund for any way?? The woman was convinced that if she just me one more thing i was going to be able to change something. Dumb shit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

enjoying the quiet..

you know the saying "while the cat's away, the mice will play"? yeah, so, the fam's gone for the week. just me and my sis chillin' and keeping the house up. not so much "play". now, i'm not saying that i stay in every night and that i haven't had fun, but at the same time the most "play" we've done is getting a little drunk last night. other than that.....it's quiet. i've spent a lot of time applying for jobs online and typing out cover letters. oi. i've done NO knitting even...which i'm actually mad at myself for (<--hanging prep!) i think i've turned into an old man. lol. but whatever. work tomorrow should be interesting seeing as i'm only going in for 6 hours. i really hate short shifts.

funny bit: was riding in the "death rocket" today and came up behind a Hum-V. you know, the really big ones. across the rear window is the phrase "i get a HUMMER everyday". hilarious. made my smile. made my sister freak out. lol.

now it's time for kindergarten cop and dinner. tootles.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

twas a beautiful day..

although i didn't get together with vic until well in the afternoon, it was still a great day. journeyed to westboro to see his new place (from the outside as he doesn't have the keys yet) and walked around. tried korean food for the first time at a kinda fancy restaurant. they didn't even offer us forks and watching vic hold chopsticks was hilarious. that was my present from him and i got him a teddy bear, water fountain (for his desk) and a card that made him cry. i'm good like that.

this being our third valentine's, it is a joy every day knowing that i have found the love of my life and we're so comepletley connected.

feeling very loved and happy, it's time for bed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Silence around me enought to bring me to tears. In this car, it's two worlds, the haves and have nots. Hundreds of folks teetering on the brink of an age of design and triumph only to be lost amongst the fallen angels of yesteryear. Today today, we wait in this chasm for night-break. It is a deep breath spasming the mechanical muscles waiting for the rush. Aching and groaning, we wait in the belly of this beast. It is pain and longing, cold touched by little rivlets of heat. The ear hears only distant conversation muffled by the longt dark. A few moments has become an eternity turning each of us into private worlds. The voice from above warns of more delay and the stomach churns.


Crap foiled again by the deities above. Its like a constant humming driving into my skull. Short breaths leave me high and waiting to touch down. In seconds, the earth dwindles to a marble while im steaming. Inward, the war rages tirelessly draining the feeling from my lips. I cannot imagine the turmoil of others. Its astounding how little i know. Turning around i see the shadows of ages past writing the pyric titles of down and feather. It is merely a wish but i cannot seem to leave this place. While others drift onward i find myself chained like some great anchor pulls on my chain and tethers me. Where then shall i wake when i learn of the times drawing nye? What great beast slain will stain my fingers crimson? What tide shall pull me to a new shore?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New shaved head!

Just something that i've wanted to do for a while.

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