Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ok, so here's an argument...

So in the united states there exist laws. One of those laws, here in MA, is the law that you cannot obtain your license until the age of 16 1/2. At that time, after passing a driving test, you are given the privilage to drive. You keep that privilege for about 10 years and then you must renew your license. Here's the kicker. There is no more testing. You simply pay for the renewal and get a new license. You can even keep your old picture if you want.

So now I ask you, if there is a set age to get your license why is there not an age limit to a license? Further, if one must pass a test to first get their license why is there not a test to keep that license? I ask because I hear all too often about how an older person mistook the brake for the gas pedal. Better yet, how about the old man I got behind earlier that drove just under the speed limit and still slammed on his brakes as we passed a cop. All I pose is the idea of some kind of assessment. It would have to incorporate questions and situations from a variety of driving conditions. Much like the questions when going for your permit, there would be hypothetical situations where the tester would have to make a judgement call and be scored accordingly. Along with the written test there would be a driving portion. The tester would ride with a state trooper and complete driving tasks based on age and experience.

Nowndont go thinking this is all dumb. The law could be changed to incorporate the testing. Upon successful completion, the life of a license could run for 15yrs or more. This gives allowance for a larger price for the license as there would obviously be more cost. Moreover, there would be a lessening of needless accidents involving the elderly thereby giving peace of mind to more comsciencious drivers. The testing would also help to weed out plain old bad drivers. Those drivers that follow too close, speed, etc. have the aggresive mentality formed around their driving ability. Their answers to questions regarding safety, road conditions, and more would shed light on their personality giving rise to restrictions. Oh, and another thing, with new legislation come amendment. I was watching a program where a man was arrested. When the cops pulled up his information it was revealed that he had more than a dozen DUI arrests on his record. Why are we, as a society, allowing this man to continue driving. So he has to serve 5 years in prison. That's not going to stop him from being more depressed and drinking and driving. So we basically are saying don't drink and drive and get caught, but if you do you will be ok. Seriously people. When are we going to stand together and start fighting the things that matter???!

I'm done for now. Tootles.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our living arrangements...

So I live on a nice quiet street that has quite a past so say our neighbours. First, the past. According to some of our next doors the upper half of our street was at arms with the lower half. As in, there were constantly cops at the upper end and none on the lower. Yay drug houses. Thankfully, all that has been cleaned up but stories remain.

Second, we have some ace neighbours. Across the street we have "mad mike". Mike lives alone and has some very peculiar habits. For instance, he will come out of his house, paper in hand, and proceed to sit in his car to read the entire paper. Other times there are carsfull of mid-twenty year old guys going into his house for hours at a time. Now the man is not overly attractive leading me to believe that he is not gay. I'm thinking something illegal but who knows.

Then we have "icky eric". He's the weird ├╝ber natural guy living behind us who is bound and determined to create a vernal pool in his backyard even though he has been told that it's not possible. We have a pair of fruitcake newlyweds across the street that have no concept of how to care for their dog or their yard. To the left of us is the woman who has herself as her own best friend. Talks up a storm but only to herself. Oh! And their is also the older woman who is hard of hearing and sits on her screened in porch listening to her tv loud enough to hear down the street.

So there you have it. I have a great little neighbourhood. It's fun....sometimes.

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All American

Loving the tradition of small diners here in America. A true crow of the land ofbthe free trying to create a life for themselves and others. Then there is the patrons. Men and women gathered together by some truly remarkable food. Seriously, sometimes I'm actually proud to call myself part of this life as I get experience some of the best little things in life.

Food is on it's way. Tootles.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Linguistic revelation

So I was thinking about something earlier. If you refer to someone as a person of colour what are you actually saying? First, a person of color is theoretically black. But not necessarily true. Black is actually the complete abscense of colour, while white is the opposite and thereby the blend of all colours. If you take white light through a special glass ie a prism, you get all the colours of the rainbow. Black is the void, nothingness. That is not to say that black is associated with nothingness but it does prove the profound nature of black. This is probably why it is more socially acceptable to refer to a black person as African American or something else. But to say that one person is a color versus another is simply dumb but also silly. We are all a "colour" just by the fact that there is sunlight. In giving light to the world colour was created. Getting a little philosophical here but you can see my point.

I could go on but I'll leave that to you. Tootles.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The things we learn

Ok. So you call my store and you ask me a question. Better yet, you show up in my store and stop at the service desk and ask "do you guys have a photo finishing place?" my answer to you is "I'm sorry but no we don't". What would toi then infer from that? That I stand at customer service and give false information? That I don't know how to do my job?? So you come back with something smart like "you know what I mean right? A place where I can bring my memory card?" no ma'am I only directly answered your question the first time. Seriously do people think if they ask a different way they'll get a different answer?

Finally, I get this woman to understand that we can't help her in this capacity and she begins to walk away, but not before stating that they'll never shop here again. Really? How come I see you in here every week? The only department store in close proximity and you're going to what ignore it? Where else are you going to be able to get towels at 10pm???

Bah. Stupid people suck. Tootles.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been a long time...

So I saw my first BSOD today. For all the non-geeks out there that stands for blue screen of death. Thankfully this was not on MY comp but on my dad's. LOL. It amazes me that microsoft is still pushing their crap on everyone. I'll admit that I still love my PC, but there's something so clean about a mac. Plus, I don't run spyware or antivirus or any of the many "necessary services" that have to run on a PC.

I'm slowly becoming a mac boy and I'm loving every minute.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's like you know

So what is it about some people? Like when you explain something once in English to some one who speaks English and they just don't get it. For instance, when you give the same information to someone three times and they look at you like you have just spoken gibberish. It amazes me how some of these people can function in society. Further, I've decided that my two new favourite words are "false advertising". I think I hear those words twice a week if not more. When something doesn't ring up correctly just ask. Don't verbally assault the person at the service desk as if it was their fault that you can't read. Like when the sign says you must buy 4 of the product to recieve the discount. If you can't read the sign , which is black and white and very legible, leave. Also your receipt fully details how the discounts are assigned. Seriously READ people!

Well that's my rant for today. Tootles.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not the best way to go to bed

So I'm angry and frustrated and am officially sick of living at home. Can't stand the double edged sword or the hypocracy of some of the mostvcommon sense things. Just completely irratating. So it's with a mind filled with these thoughts that I attempt to sleep. Bah.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sitting outside a walgreens

Tapped into their network and blogging. Sad.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sitting and listening....

The rain just began and it is a wonderful sound. The first thunder storm of the summer and it's like a drink for my soul. Washing away my fear and dread I am waiting to head out into the storm to fight the mobs of people bound to be at market basket. Oh and I'm hungry. Bad combo.

Side note, just so everyone knows you can follow me on Twitted as kobuu! Be warned, I twitted a lot.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So it goes...

So it is written. Ever heard of a band called QED? Yeah they rock oh and they did a cover of Def Leapard's love bites. Pretty sick. And yeah I know that I think I spelt that wrong. So as the day wanes on, and the sun falls behind the horizon... I have to wonder what to tomorrow is going to be like at the wonderful world of kmart. With certification on the brain and the dm and rm in the store it should be an interesting day. Good thing I have my iPod to keep me company. Now it is time to knit. Tootles!

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A new post!

So I just got a blogging app for my iPod. Good thing I actually use this thing all the time. Makes me want an iPhone instead but I know that AT&T blows. Pretty neat app tho. Anywho, that's all foe now. More to come since I can post a little easier. Tootles!

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