Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#WIPWednesday : Blogged

My, my how the time flies! I cannot believe that it's nearly the end of September and that I haven't blogged since August some time.

Xmas knitting has been pretty much my main focus for the past few months. I have plenty of yarn so I have no worries of running out. Just wish I had more time in every day to devote to actually getting things done. My biggest complaint is that I have work, then driving, then home. My weekends should be a time to go out and have a good time but my hours are usually spent getting projects done. And Vic wonders why all I do is knit! LOL

Well, at least I can say that I have more than half of my holiday knitting done. My dad and sister are definitely all set. As is Suzie. I have some friends that I want to make things for but I haven't figured out what I'm going to make. Being knitters themselves, it's hard to pick out that thing they wouldn't make but that you can make within a specific amount of time. It's like one of those verbal math problems that doesn't make any sense...

My Ashton shawlette is what I've got for today. Each row, though, is going to take a significant amount of time to get through. Here's hoping I get time to do so today. Ordered my wires for my sweater and I'm really hoping they just show up today. Even if they don't, the lovely Kristina will be letting me borrow hers! Need to get crackin' on those sleeves!!

Other WIP's: Vic's tie, TARDIS cowl (which may be getting frogged in favour of something else), Hitchhiker's shawl, James' hat (that's my CEO), REALLY want to cast on Bolting again...

Pictures? Nah. I post enough pictures to my stream. Or I would have to NOT do that and leave them for a blog post which is silly. And yes, Kristina, that was a split-infinitive, however, as a Latin scholar, I would argue that it's also tmesis and therefore wonderful. :)