Thursday, August 22, 2013

Project: Make My Queue Update!

This project is still going...sort of. Things keep getting in the way but ultimately I know that I can do this. I have 4 months remaining of this year!

I've spent about an hour going through my project binder today sorting out which projects need to get done now versus next year. I'm happy I did since they were kind of messed up and jumbled together. Now I just need to get them done!!

That said, I've been commissioned to make a couple of customized Christmas stockings. Those have obviously taken the front seat of my project to do list. For the first stocking, I worked on it basically non stop for a week.

Nearly complete, I put it down yesterday in favour of working on Tripartite which has taken the #33 spot on my queue. Today I'll work on that while I'm at work but when I get home it's all about the stocking. I really want to turn these out in only a couple of weeks so I need to get back to the grind.

In terms of numbers, remember, I started with 47 projects on January 1st. The beginning of the year saw me really cranking out projects and getting things done. Now, however, I feel that I've slowed way down. Out of my original 47, there have been MANY changes. I can't even remember some of the things that I had as part of my queue that I've since deleted. After so many substitutions, today was the final clean out.  So, final count:

Works in Progress = 5
Queued left to make this year = 7
Total = 12!

That's really doable if I try. There are some pretty big projects in there though like the Deco shawl, Diffraction, and Chadwick. With luck, Chadwick will be done in September as +Cailin MacKay has made me promise to make it the Sept KAL for the Knit-Wits community. We'll see how I do on that. September 13th starts the latest Stephen West Mystery KAL and I am absolutely taking part in that as well.

Overall I'm confident that I can do 12 projects in four months. Excuse me, 13 projects in four months. Provided nothing else captures my attention between now and December 31st. The truth is, though, even if I don't finish my entire queue that I started with, I can feel pretty damn good about completing the 27 projects that I've done already this year just for this project!! AND the other 10 projects that I've completed just because or on commission!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Merit Badges

So here's an interesting concept, +Knit Picks , in their infinite amazingness, puts out "merit badges" for knitters and fiber-enthusiasts AKA #Fiberatti. That said, their latest one is basically me. As made clearly evident from my Ravelry stash page, my stash is pretty much out of control...

Yes, yes it has.
For more proof, I'll even give you the link:
Pat's Stash

See? 233 unique yarns and growing...

::stands up::  Hi, my name's Patrick. I'm addicted to yarn.

Also, I just found this one, and it's also true.
Yup. I did last year. Not yet this year though...but close enough.