Saturday, April 28, 2012

Solomon's Knot: Solved!

Hey Yarnies!!!

I couple of weeks ago, @Beverly Rivera was having some trouble with creating "Solomon's Knot" or the "Lover's Knot" in crochet.  I had a little bit of experience with this stitch so I was able to get her started.  Not long ago, however, she cam across another problem: decreasing.

The trouble with this stitch is not the stitch itself but the way in which the shapes are created.  Essentially, you're making squares and each of your knots creates one side of the square.

See this diagram:
You can also visit this page: FOR A VIDEO

Now, this might get you some knots but not necessarily the shaping that you need.  Let's take this pattern for instance: Solomon's Knot Shawl

The instructions are a little vague at best.  Lines like
"Row 2: Be careful that you don’t twist your work during this row!
Make 1 SK. Sc into first st.
(Make 2 SK, sk 1 st. Sc in next st) 21 times.
Note: The skipped stitch is the sc from the previous row. From now on, you will always crochet into a SK stitch, not a sc.
This is CONFUSING!!! So here's a demo....

STEP 1: Make your foundation chain - I didn't follow the pattern here as I don't want to make the shawl, but I used an even number so it's similar:
8 SK's (Solomon Knots)
Now, starting on the right, make TWO MORE SK's. This will start the first row. Once you have the second SK made, single crochet in to the NEXT KNOT from the hook:

REMEMBER: When you were making your foundation chain, according to the pattern, your SK's were 2.75" in length, right? All the next ones should be shorter than that. This creates little triangles to start off the shawl. I'm going to put it another way.... I made you a DIAGRAM!

Literally, when you're making the new SK's you're not technically stitching into SC's after the fist row. Each time that you complete two SK's, you're SC-ing into a different SK to complete the "square". The diagram does a better job at explaining what I mean..

So here's the rest of mine...
Row 1 Completed
Beginning SK of Row 2
Completed Row 2

After you have gotten a couple of rows done, you should be able to see the shaping of the shawl! You're still making squares just on a 45 degree angle (thus diamonds) and you will eventually get the triangle shape that you're looking for!!

This is 3 Rows completed, note the clear triangle shape!
So there you have it!! Solomon's Knot! Beautiful and complex but light and airy for the summer. If you made this with cotton, maybe all in white, it would be a gorgeous wrap over pretty much anything! Let me know what you think and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask! I might even make a video!! LOL


Friday, April 27, 2012

#FOFriday: blogged!

I believe one of my Gplus buddies said something to me about spoiling the surprise for FO Friday. Well, I knew I would be making more things! WASHCLOTHS!! Never have I made this many in one week or at one time. I have a VERY short pair of size 8 needles that fit perfectly in my little project bag. One skein of cotton makes one cloth with some left over so I start the next one then just combine with the next colour I pick! Simple. Here they are..

 There's also a third one in progress. Very pretty green twisty kind of yarn. I like it. Here's that one:

But really? That's it! Just those since Monday. This weekend I'll be tackling some crochet projects that need doing. I've been a little needle happy the past couple of weeks and those blocks for Vic's blanket aren't going to complete themselves!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#WIPWednesday: Blogged

I rather like that title so I'm going to keep using it!

Since the inception of, I'm trying to keep on the blogging thing. When people ask if I have more things that I make, I'm directing them here so that they can read my little funny anecdotes and see all the stuff I make! Not very professional really, but it's a touch of personality and whimsy that I think is missing in today's society. Oh, it's also nothing like Etsy.

But I digress, you didn't come here to hear my socio-political babble, you came to find out just what I'm working on!

Now that the baby set is done, and I don't have to make more for a while, I'm working on my Saroyan. I need to finish this and my Clapotis so I can jump on some other projects. I also need to pick up my mom's tablecloth at some point soon since I only have one full square done and the CAL BOTM's need to be done for April as May is coming up pretty damn fast! Whew!!

So here's the Saroyan:

This is made with Malabrigo in worsted weight. Colourway: Noviembre. I have two skeins of this yarn so I'll be modifying this pattern a bit.  My plan is to only increase with the first skein and then only decrease with the second. This should give me a triangular shawl/scarf without the long bit in the middle. Less trapezoid.

I am also pumping out washcloths (I need them) with "Grandma's Favourite Dishcloth" pattern here:

Now it's time to get back to work....maybe...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Woe is me... designer disasters...

Haha..that's actually a little hyperbolic but still.

Last night I decided that I was going to make a QR Code wristband. I've knitted a QR code before, and at first it even scanned, but now it doesn't. The yarn has gotten fuzzy and muddles the code just enough that you can't scan it at all. I even did it in black and white just to make sure. Here are the pictures...

Completed QR Code. Scannable (IRL).

Progress as it happened...
So I thought, I bet I can make another one, smaller on smaller needles and get it into a wristband to wear in public! How cool would that be?!

I broke out my fingering weight yarns and decided on colours. I was originally going to go with blue and orange figuring the contrast would work. It did but the gauge was WAY off and I would have needed an arm three times larger to make it scannable. The second attempt was on size 1 needles and the fingering yarn but now it was too small and the needles, made of bamboo, felt like they were going to break in my hands. Third attempt seemed to look the best but upon inspection, the orange just wasn't bright enough. So I went with yellow. I actually like the way it came out but it doesn't scan. Of course. Here's the final product:

QR Code to

Simple garter stitch for stretch!

Like I said, I like it, it just doesn't scan. So back to the drawing board. I am going north to visit @sara marks in lowell today and knit with her and @zen alpaca. Me thinks I need to swing by my storage room to find my crochet cotton OR I will be getting DMC Floss to work with for the same purpose. BTW, @virginia given, this would NOT count towards my "yarn diet" as floss is not yarn. LOL. I know I'll be doing this again, I really want it to work, and maybe just black and white floss will do the trick. I will update with my progress on this design later....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#WIPWednesday: Blogged

Well at least I'm consistant! I cannot even believe that I've been blogging every week but this gives my fingers some writing practice and my brain a chance to purge I suppose. Oh wait, this is the knitting post...shit.

HEY! So projects!
My commissioned baby sweater is DONE. Working on the booties. Was going to go way over the top with those but decided on a simpler pattern just so that I could get them done. Here is the finished sweater:

It is SUPER cute! I love it and have even figured out how I'm going to charge for it! So excited. The booties are a one page pattern from somewhere online. Not Ravelry, but I don't remember where...

And I'd like to get some work done on Vic's hat or something else. We'll see. I need to finish "Mockingjay" as well and it's good so I don't want to miss out on the plot line!!

That's all for now kiddies!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#WIPWednesday : BLOGGED!

No, ok...seriously. I have only been working on one project for the past few days. I started this last Friday and when I'm not at work, and not reading "Mockingjay", I'm working on it. One of my coworkers came to me with a question:

"Hey Patrick, how long would it take and how much would you charge to make a sweater, hat and booties for my niece's baby due May 9th?"
To which I replied: "Whew!" LOL
After some discussion, we agreed that I would come in on Monday with ideas and pricing for the pieces. Well, I had already come up with an idea AND the yarn by Friday but she wasn't in. So, being that I'm usually good with colours and patterns, I just went ahead with what I had picked out. I couldn't believe that I actually still had acrylic yarn left in my stash as I've been purging it out pretty quickly but I found four skeins of Red Heart Soft in Fuchsia.

It was very soft so I figured what the hell. Then I got my little baby knit book. This book is from 1968 and chuck full of vintage patterns that are just wonderful to knit! The best part is that this book was actually free from the Holden Recycling Centre a couple of years ago! Here's the book:

That's the Book and the Pattern that I chose. I will be typing out the pattern for the Ravelry database as I think it doesn't need to be lost in time! So this pattern calls for chunky yarn, but the yarn I found was worsted (really it knits as sport though)..... THEN DOUBLE IT!!!

With two strands held together and size 11 needles, this is what I've got so far:

TADA!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE this stitch, it works up fast and is super textured for baby. Also, with the two strands of this yarn, it is SOOO SOOOOFT!!! I can't wait to get this done and put buttons on it. Then there's booties and I've found this pattern on Ravelry which I think will go well. I'm going to incorporate the jacket's stitch into the leg/cuff of them however which will take some planning but I think I can do it:

In other news, I had a FABULOUS Easter. My family came down to Vic and I, brought the food already cooked and we were able to have a stress free day.  After food, we went to the beach. It was a little blustery but Squantum Park was nice and then Wolaston beach was ok too. My 'rents brought the dog along as well and he had a ball in the water. Pictures:
My parents and Bailey ( phone's camera sucks..)

Boston Skyline from Squantum

Vic and Ashton (youngest sister)

So that's about it! Knit night tonight will probably yield a completed hoodie at least. Then it's time to start the booties!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: BLOGGED

Hey All!

This has been a crazy week and I've started reading again so my hobbies have to be carefully planned out or at least measured so that I don't miss out on stuff.

For knitting news, I made a hat over the weekend. It's the Scallop Lace hat on Ravelry and it's wonderfully easy to make and fantastic to wear! Here's a pic:

And now Vic wants one in black, maybe not so slouchy but I added an extra pattern repeat to get that so I'll just make it as the pattern says. Also, I used Ella Rae Classic Worsted which knitted up beautifully and I think really shows of the stitch!

In other news, I'm still working on my Saroyan, Acid Green Shawl, crocheted tablecloth, and a couple other things. And my coworker is pregnant and has come to me for knitted things.  I've picked out a couple of WICKED cute hats and a set of booties. She's not due until October so I have plenty of time but I just want to start now! LOL.

And since I mentioned reading.... I'm getting a Kindle!! It's actually on its way to me as I type. I'll probably end up getting it tomorrow some time which is fine. I can't wait. I've been reading The Hunger Game trilogy, I'm on "Catching Fire", and I have to say that I LOVE IT!! I think my favourite bit is the correlation between the world of the Districts and the USA as it could possibly become. It's scary the parallels that follow in the story with our own potential future.  I must say that I'll be reading other Suzanne Collins books for sure!

AND, Today is Knit Knite day!!! The Greater Worcester Hook & Needlers are meeting at our NEW location: Panera Bread on Gold Star Blvd. I cannot wait to see them, to knit and to be able to THINK without that asshole playing his guitar and singing songs about the Titanic sinking! SRSLY?!?!

That's about it, chickies!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Poems in 30 Days; Poem #1 - Awareness

The last moment I thought
That I wanted to see all there is
I stood in quiet solitude
And flushed after taking a piss.

 hey, how's that?! LOL