Saturday, February 16, 2013

#MakeMyQueue : Weeks 8 & 9

Two more weeks have passed and some projects have come and gone. I haven't actually completed any projects but I've started a couple and I've frogged a couple...

Chadwick is frogged, I'll restart it soon enough.

Metalouse is coming along but slowly.

#Hexie blanket is coming along, and All the Shades of Blue is moving..

Mostly just "in progress" versus "done". There's been a few additions and subtractions from the queue also.

Wow, so this post is completely meaningless but


Monday, February 4, 2013

Project: #MakeMyQueue Week 7

Another week has passed. I'm well into this project now so there's no going back. Luckily, one of my queue items was the #FebCAL for the +Crochet Along on Google+ group on Google+. I did this in only two days but on a size 'S' hook and three strands of acrylic, it's no wonder it moved so fast!

I present, the 5 1/2 hour throw:

Like I said, it worked up REALLY fast. It's super squishy and despite the extra large gauge, very warm. It's Vic's new blanket for TV watching.

I also started "All the Shades of Truth" but I'm calling it All the Shades of Blue. A while back I got a mess of KP Palette yarn in an assortment of colours. After playing with combinations and yardage requirements, I've come up with a recipe for this scarf. There are two sections where you need 420yds of yarn. Each ball of Palette is only 231. Clearly if I only use one colour for those sections, I'd be short. BUUUT... a little creative thinking revealed a solution. Using two colours, in two-row stripes each, I will in effect combine the yarn totals giving me more than enough to finish those colour sections. As you can see, I've already got this down and it's working up beautifully:

The dark blue is the first section, the grey will be all outlines and borders and the two blue stripes is the next section. Throughout this pattern, the sections don't go in order. You have to pick your colours and then follow the placement in the pattern. This gives the whole Frank Lloyd Wright effect. Now, with bi-chromatic stripes, those sections are going to have a lot more movement and character. Can't wait to get to the next section!!

So that's really it. Slow week? Not sure. No real #hexie work done but maybe next week (this week). Should probably get back to work now. LOL.