Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project: Make My Queue Week 13 - Catching Up!

What up Pleeps and Peeps?! Yup, I'm finally blogging some progress! It's been a while but I've been busy.

So 2013 is all about making my Ravelry queue. I started on Jan 1 with 47 projects. I have completed 17 projects and I'm still at 39 projects... Reason? I keep adding things! HA! Seriously though, I see things and want to make them, then I go stash diving.

Oh well, with my current WIP's, and what's in the queue, I'll be done in no time.

Ok, so recent FO's:

Kerchief Cowl - 

Felted Yarn Bowl - 

Forest Canopy Shawlette -

And Gams - 

In progress I have a LOT so I'm not going to post all the pictures right now. Just know I've got a LOT of knitting to do!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#WIPWednesday : Blogged!

I have FAR too many projects going on right now so a single G+ post wouldn't have worked...

First up: #ChaosKAL Day 5!

This is the Chaos Scarf though mine will be a cowl. It's based off of +Ray Whiting 's "Dicey Knitting" which me and all the members of the Dicey Knitting Community are doing together over the month of March. 5 days in and I still haven't gotten the hang of the directions but it looks cool!

Next up: Falling Leaves
I love love love this pattern, and the yarn, I just need to get back to it!

Third: Skully Cap #3
Yes, this picture is blurry and yes this is the third one of these I'm making but I just LOVE this pattern and they're so fast and easy! Too bad I didn't get to be on the T longer on Saturday otherwise this would be done. But, c'est la vie. Maybe I'll crank this out on lunch

Finally: Burning Branch

Ok. This pattern, omg. This yarn, heaven. The colour....::swoon::..
I'm in the 4th and final section of the pattern and it's moving along. The real problem for me is the purl return. I hate purling and I don't do it very quickly. I also can't do it without looking so it's hard to do while watching TV or something. What I really need to do is just listen to some music and power through to the end. That would at least get it done!

There is also #LuckyBag13 for the Project Bag swap I'm a part of but I can't show you that....yet..

That's my #WIPWednesday ! I have all these projects with me for the day (not sure why yet) so who knows what I'll actually work on. Project: #MakeMyQueue is ... continuing. Sort of. I just need to finish something to get back on track!