Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finish or Frog It?!

Well, after asking, the consensus (all of the two replies) was to make a blog post. So here are the "question mark" projects that I can't decide on..

1. Olan.
Olan is a wonderful pattern. The details are subtle and I like the slip stitches. However, I bought this yarn at the WEBS Tent Sale last year. I cast on right away and made some quick progress...but there are some issues. Some mistakes. I know precisely where they are and that kind of bugs me.

On the other hand, I've cut into that tan yarn and I really like this colour combo. If I frog it, that yarn will likely not be used right away and probably irritate me. It's a wonderfully soft fiber and I'd love to wrap this thing around my neck some day... You can see my dilemma, but I'll take popular opinion at this point:

2. Chadwick.
Ok, so the story goes like this. Chadwick is a Stephen West pattern. I adore nearly all his designs and this is no exception. This one uses slip stitches too and was re-started around the same time as Olan. This was also the second attempt on this pattern as the first one's colour combination was...less than brilliant. Again, I bought the yarn for this specifically at the last Tent Sale and the two colours together work well. The thing is, I don't know if I "feel" this project anymore. The feeling I get when I look at it is one of disappointment.

To further said disappointment, I even got it as a KAL in a community on Google+. While there were a couple that finished it ( +Cailin MacKay ) , I never did. I didn't get much farther than I had already...and that made/makes me sad. To that end, I'd almost like to keep it "hanging around" for when I feel like overcoming that bit of sadness... but then, there are other things I'd REALLY like to be working on, too. Halp?!:

3. Old Forge.
Another Stephen West pattern (gee, really?). This was started on a whim after I got all that lace from KP. I don't think I'd feel too bad about frogging this one and I know I could use those yarns in something else (way down the line)...

I do want to make this pattern though and lace would look all sorts of amazing...:

4. Two at a Time Socks.
These were supposed to be a Christmas present TWO YEARS ago... but I only got to this point and put them down/away. I've already thought of how I could finish these into matching wristers (my word) but I don't know. There's a VERY obvious mistake on one of them but the yarn is discontinued Moda Dea and it's really lovely. I have a couple more balls of it so maybe frogging this completely and making something else isn't such a bad thing? I'll take your thoughts.:

So that's it! Just four. I have a couple obvious frogs so I'll be ripping those out today. And I have a couple obvious finishers that I'll be holding onto (Viajante, Tripartite, Cushy Tushy, and my two FYAMKAL's).

Thoughts/comments very much welcome!!

After contemplation, staring, thinking, etc... I decided to just FROG EVERYTHING!! I have all of this yarn now to put away but I feel a LOT better about what needs to be done. I even frogged my Cushy Tushy pants but I'm casting them back on right now. Just a matter of my not being happy with the short rows. That and I wanted to change up the colours.


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