Sunday, September 27, 2009

kinda interesting..

ok. so i normally don't eves drop but i gotta tell you that i can't help it in this instance. i am currently sitting in panera bread loving the free wifi. i am sitting listening to soft classical music but that is interrupted by the ramblings of a 25 year old cry baby. i think his name is matthew (from the bits and pieces of conversation i'm getting) and he's kind of a jerk.

actually, he just told his mom the next time her husband disrespects him he's going to "punch himself in the face, call the cops, and get him arrested". wow. seriously. and i thot that my life was a little messed up. i know that i don't know the whole story but this is just silly.

on top of that, he is swearing at his mom about not getting his laundry done. i gotta say, apart from the obvert weirdness of the whole thing, they really shouldn't be having this kind of conversation in public. this is a private thing that shouldn't be aired for the whole world to hear. i mean, i'm not the only one here. there's another guy trying to read and relax and other patrons coming in... i just think that's indicative of the gravity of conversation. save it for somewhere else. i do think they are doing it here so there is a reason to keep it calm but i would have sat further away from the masses...


Saturday, September 26, 2009

i know, i know...

i'm not good at actually updating my blog very often so if you are reading this feel privileged.

i am fully into my knitting now. i have been knitting for 6 years and never have i had more than a couple projects started. now i have a whole list to do and 5 already started (which ties up a bunch of needles...). i have found and love it (thanks librarygurl) and my social networking is expanding as i type (thanks to polargemini). i am looking forward to a winter of good times, really great friends and getting together with some people that i hold dearest to my heart (alex, cristy, kate...)

i think i've turned a new leaf and the world of kmart might be bleak but promising and i have only the future to look to.