Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sign of the times

Did you know that there is a sign depicting the national debt? Not the deficit but the debt. And did you know that that sign actually ran out of numerical space a couple years ago? Yeah. America is not doing too well right now. I learned this from watching jeopardy last night.

Also, anyone else using BlogPress app for iPod touch? Mine is kinda doing some weird stuff. Like closing the keyboard while I'm typing. Kind of annoying. Maybe they will update it soon.

In other news, Epic Pet Wars ( is AMAZInG! If you don't play you should. You can get the app for free for iPhone or iPod touch, facebook, and others as well. Coolest most addictive thing going right now.

Well that's about it. I know totally random post but oh well. Jut those thoughts in the middle of my shift that keep me going. Until next time. Tootles.

-- Post From My iPod Touch.

Tryin something.

Yes, Adam lambert came out publicly and from his Rolling Stones article comes this sexy image:

Oh Adam I heart you so...
-- Post From My iPod Touch.