Monday, January 30, 2012

#DDA Adventures and other, well, less happy things..

Wow what a weekend. Saturday wasn't much of anything to speak of but the yesterday: Whoa!

Saturday I did, however, get my newest slouchy hat done. Which means I now have two (three).  The "third" one is my GINORMOUS orange one that literally weighs a metric tonne. It's warm, yes, but unless it's snow, I won't be wearing it. I'm actually contemplating frogging the whole thing and repurposing the yarn but that won't be anytime soon. I also spent a good chunk of Saturday cleaning and bitching to Comcast about the internet speeds I was NOT getting.  They made some "adjustments" on their end and it seems to be better. Time will tell.

Yesterday = FUN ...then, not so much fun.

First was a fabulous round of Dim Sum with the #DDA (Sarah and Christi). Then we headed back to my place to knit the day away whilst watching Resident Evil (c'mon Zombies & knitting is a match made in heaven - almost as good as Hoarders and Knitting). Anyway, we had a wonderful time and caught up on our lives.

As they were leaving, my mom called with my aunt in tow and asked to stop by. Of course I said yes. Unfortunately, they parked in a spot that was poorly signed and should have been a visitor spot and their car was towed. Which is crap and we're going back to the management company to sort out. I'm hoping everything goes well with that.

And that's about it! The KAL that I'm hosting/leading starts on Wednesday (#WIPWednesday to be precise) and I think I'll be visiting my Worcester knitters since I haven't seen them in FOREVER and I miss them!! And thanks to Kristina for showing me another fine pattern that I actually just got yarn that would be perfect for which I clearly have to cast on. Pictures soon!!


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Good Morning!

Well, I have been sick for the past couple of days. I've been knitting but most of my energy has been used up by the time I get home and therefore have none left to be creative.

For projects, I did finish that other cowl I was working on and even got it up on Etsy! Here's the pic:

Please excuse my horrendous face as I was really not feeling well but I had to show it off! LOL. It's really quite stunning. And no, I didn't use these pictures for the Etsy listing. No one is going to look at me like that and say "oooh, yeah, lemme at that!"

You can find the Etsy bit here: 5 Strand Drop-Stitch Colour Explosion

Other project progress? None to report. The five strand thing just came as an idea. I love the pattern and keep reinventing it in different ways. Eventually I plan on getting back to my jacket and my clapotis. In fact, that's probably what I'll be working on this weekend and during the super bowl.

Oh! I do have one other thing. I was searching through my stash and I found a project bag. Inside? Yarn and what I thought was a long forgotten project. Turns out that it was a hat that I was working on some time ago and "never completed". Well, much to my surprise that it was in fact done and just needed binding off! It's even big enough for my mass of hair! HA! Picture:

AND, I'm actually feeling better! So with coffee in hand, I'm off to work!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wanna generate some false positive blog hits?

I just had an epiphany.

Recently, I don't really know why, I responded to someone's post about abortion and the legalities surrounding when it's allowed and such. You can probably find it in my stream but I really don't care. I made a simple statement (again, sucked in, don't know why) about my view point. But then I thought about something. Why not meta-tag the SHIT out of your own blog?!

So, I'm going to do that, as a test, to see what kind of blog hits it'll get me. You may or may not see the string of text at the end of this post but either way, I just want to see if this works. Now I know that people have been doing this for quite some time. But I guess it never really made sense to me until today.

For the record, I'm Pro-Choice. A woman has the right over their own body. I don't know what the legal age of the unborn foetus can be for abortion but again, I don't care. It's not really my fight (yet). I do have two younger sisters that this will probably affect at some point. And then I can further examine it. I also have no real facts to base any opinion on really, just my gut and my heart. I feel for rape victims and even for prostitutes (they're just trying to make a living after all). They certainly are not planning for parenthood. Too many of them probably just accept what happens as life and are forced further into poverty or out of school/jobs to live with that decision.

I dunno, I guess this is the worst blog post I've ever written, but it's what I feel. Had to put it down on "paper" for the world.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So this is a short post, but I need to make sure that I actually keep up with Blogging. It's been a bear of a week but I did have fun at the Celtics game that I went to FOR FREE on Monday night. It was actually fun!

So project wise, I'm a little off. Haven't really had a lot of time for knitting this week. Jacket is still going. I'm hoping to get started on the I-Cord bind off tonight. **crosses fingers**

Vic's tie is going...well, ok. It's just small so it's hard to make a lot of progress. And I'm widdling down my Ravelry queue. It's always nice when you start a project that you really want to do and realize that the pattern either doesn't actually work or you end up not actually liking it. So then you just delete it from you queue and it's one less project to worry about! HAHA!

That's really it. Hopefully more info and pictures in a couple days. Need to make it through this week first.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Really? I'm blogging every day now? Yeah, that won't last. But I do like this #WIPWednesday thing so that's where this will shine.

As you have all been following my mayhem, I started and completed two completely unplanned projects over the weekend. Thus I am now back on schedule. Monday was Vic's Tie, yesterday was Clapotis which will last til Thursday. Friday is Vic's Tie again. Over the weekend, I'm hoping to tackle my Jacket but who knows.  I'm really trying to be good about this whole scheduling thing. It's "working" in a sense but I REALLY want to make my Clapotis all the time. LOL.

I think the hardest part is knowing when I'm going somewhere and there's going to be just time waiting for whatever the reason. The portable, small project is something that I want to just whip out and start working on. I don't have any of those right now except Vic's Tie which is fingering weight yarn and a size C hook. Not easy to just blaze out some rows of that since I'm wanting this to be a wearable tie to work for him.

No, I have to just wait and be complacent with fiddling around on my phone and talking to Vic or whatever. It's worse when I'm alone and waiting for anything. My fingers just get itchy to be doing something, making something. Ok..that's enough of that.

Clapotis status: Started third colour (burnt orange). Looks great:

Beyond that, I have nothing to report. LOL.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Warning: Rant

Today it took me an hour and a half to get to work. Now, normally it takes about an hour. Still a long commute but only made longer by the people on the road. Let me explain:

This morning I woke up and looked outside like always. Much to my chagrin, there was a coating of snow on the ground. Now, I've lived here all my life (hear being the Northeast) so I'm not terribly bothered by any amount of snow. Further, it's January 10th and frankly, snow was due a month ago.  So after I put some clothes on I went to my balcony and took some pictures. My phone has a "panoramic" mode so I used that for this:

I came back inside and started my day. I even had time to make a sandwich on the way out! Go me!

I hit 93 south just as always and it was perfectly normal. I expected worse and was delighted that it was moving at a fantastic pace. Then I got to 95 north. Looking ahead, the traffic seemed to come to a stop. I did notice that there was an undercover cop and a statie on the road with the commuters but that would only slow things down, not bring them to a halt. 

After my 11th round with stop and go traffic, I got off the highway that I know and onto a road that just went "west". That's where I needed to go so I figured it would be ok. Yeah, it wasn't fantastic. Took me way out of the way but I was moving at a GREAT speed so I thought it would be ok. Then I realized why I didn't like those kinds of roads....the people on them.  I got behind EVERY brand new Mercedes and Lexus between Quincy and Framingham.  Route 9 wasn't any better with trucks and idiots....

Bottom line? I ended up at work 30min late. So what? Nothing.  My company is great so they understand, it just sucks.  Oh oh...and when I got to work, I knocked over my large Dunkin's coffee and I hadn't even had ONE drink from it yet!!!

UPDATE: as of 12:39pm, I've learned that my watch has stopped. Getting better every minute...

whew...i feel a little better now...
need to get some work done. bah.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ahh the joys of Christmas

So a couple nights ago my mother texted me. I love that. It's like a sound blast from across the room. Side note: I have my text notification sound set as the Wii Home Button noise. It's a soft and gentle ding-ding that gets your attention without being ridiculous.

Anyway, I get a text from mother dear. Now, I will say that it's never just A text. It's usually some kind of short novel within which contains some kind of relevant information or a question. My mom has Verizon and can thus send "bulk" messages. In case you don't know what that means, it's basically that she can send as long of a text as she wants. Verizon people read it as its original form, but me on Sprint, well I get about a dozen or so texts broken into 160 character chunks.  Sometimes, and this is my favourite, they come in out of order and it's like a little puzzle to add the words back together to figure it out. Joy.

After the third message I got up off my ass and checked my phone. Yup, as I figured, they were from my mom.  Really it was a short "message" but the text said otherwise. Message: We're having more christmas in a week.

Ok, gotcha. No problem. EXCEPT that there will be people there that are giving me things and others there that have already gotten things from me. Which means I need to make two more gifts in a week! UGH! Just when I got myself all scheduled with knitting a projects...gaahhh...

The good news was that I had random yarn that I had no idea what to do with. Borne from that was the Drop Stitch scarf for one gift (for my cousin):

Then I needed to get the one done for my aunt. I originally wanted to make a cowl but I was having a hard time picking out yarn. Then I remembered our storage space. So I went to my other TOTE of yarn and dug around. In the bottom were four, yes FOUR, skeins of Bohemian from Patton. I don't think they make it anymore but it is the SOFTEST acrylic/polyester blend I have ever felt!  And they were all the same colour & dye lot! ZOMG!

So now I'm on my 3rd skein, a cowl that's been frogged twice, but it's coming out nicely. I was going to take a picture on my way out the door but I forgot so maybe later when I get it done.  Which means that since Saturday when I got the "book text" as I call them, I've started and just nearly completed the two projects that I'll need to survive Christmas Saturday this week. Whew!

What a way to start the week!

Monday, January 2, 2012


So, here is my first Blogger post in almost three years. I have been using Wordpress then I went to Posterous. But they've both been slow on the adaptation of Google+ and it's amazingness so I am activating this again in the hopes that I can cross post. We shall see. So this is a sort of test post to the G+ stream. Let's see what happens.