Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Post!

Well, it looks like Blogger hooked up with Google+ for a one night stand and got it on hot and heavy...

Ok, maybe not, but still. I thought I would post with the new "integration" enabled in Blogger and hopefully this post will see its way directly to Google+. Let's give this a whirl.

Hopefully this will post to the new HD.am.I page...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#WIPWednesday BLOGGED, and other updates!

Wow. I cannot even believe that I haven't "blogged" in more than a month. And I was doing so well! LOL.

Well, a lot has been accomplished since I last blogged. I've finished a lot of projects, started a lot more. You know, the usual. Also, if you take a look to the right, you'll notice that I'm selling things right through the blog! Google Checkout FTW!!

Without further ado, here's my current WIP's:

This is Vic's tie. It will be an Xmas present and he already knows about it (he picked the colours) so I'm not worried about him seeing it here. Besides, you know, I live with'im, so he's going to see me working on it anyway. I know it doesn't LOOK like a tie, but when it's done, you fold in the sides and the tip's edges to make the "tie" shape.

Next is the Ashton Shawlette. This will be my baby sister's xmas present. Her name is Ashton so I thought this would be appropriate. It's absolutely gorgeous and the yarn, heaven. This is my very first attempt and knitting with actual lace weight yarn and a lace pattern. Trust me, I'm taking my time...

Then we have the random project that is the "Corner to Corner" throw. This is going to be my next acrylic stash buster. The colours don't really make sense but I love them and they're fun. It's going to be HUGE!! This is going just be one of those ever-going kinda project that I'll be working on for a while when I need to give my eyes and hands a break.

Hmm...more? Of course.
I will point out that this is on my new set of KnitPicks Options interchangeable circulars! LOVE THEM!!
This is "Bolting" by Stephen West. The pattern is amazing and the impending final product with be massive and wonderful. I'm making it out of Malabrigo so apart from being huge, it will also be colossally squishy!

Ok, let's recap some FO's too...

Catherine's Wheel Blanket
Catherine's Wheel was going to be the stash buster, but as luck would have it, it became unweildly. Thus, I just finished it after more than a year. Vic got it as part of his birthday present. BTW, that's on a queen size bed. It's a pretty big blanket.
This is me rocking another Xmas present. This is a cowl I made for Suzie who requested a drop-stitch cowl. After going over some pattern ideas, I decided on making this out of a pattern for a shawl by Caron yarns. By joining the ends with a single twist, it became a Moebius cowl! Super simple and quick. I think she's going to love it. 

MASSIVE Clapotis, 9 colours, 9 skeins of Artful Yarns Waterfall. This is MINE for sure. This winter I am SO rocking this all the time! I will mention, I'm 6'5", the total length of this thing is over 7'. Yup, pretty wonderful.

Then we have the Grrlfriend Market bag. This went to +Kim Tornatola in trade for the amazing rainbow cowl I'm wearing!!

And, last but not least, this is the Colour Affection shawl, done in chunky yarn. It's HUGE!! Going to my dad now that I've blocked and taken care of the ends.
Vic said he looked like a "tribal warrior". LOL.

Colour Affection

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Selling this one!! Boho Beach Bag. I only have one.

Starting something new! No Etsy, just Google. With this, I can sell from here and anyone that wants it can have it! I only have one right now but I have plans to make more!!