Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yeah, it's been a little while

oh well....
but you know, life tends to be kinda confusing and throwing curve balls and things like that...so you'll just have to deal.

christmas is almost here! well, not really, but since i've been listening to the music since november 1st, i feel like it's already here. the madness starts tomorrow when we open an hour late just because the damn flier says 8-12 door buster deals. i think that's dumb. but we get them tomorrow and they won't be back on friday. oi vey. in at 545am! ugh. but i'm bringing my camera so i can capture the insanity on film and have to cherish. i'm thinkin' that this will be the last year i'm in retail hell. next year it's gonna be all about a corporate job.

now it's off to design some webpages.

Monday, November 17, 2008

blogging is only slightly addictive...

i say slightly because i actually think about it outside of the cyber world. like i'll be doing something and then say to myself "i can't wait to blog about this". silly, but true...the new world that we live in, the "digital generation" is tied almost exclusively to the net or web. seriously. show me a modern cell phone that doesn't have the net (save those jitterbug ones for the old fogies). you can't! this is not to say a bad thing however. i've found that the ability to instantly get directions or find the nearest place to eat very helpful. i have Helio. i have the Helio Mysto and it's an amazing phone! i have an all you can eat plate for the buffet of internet pages and can leisurely check email, watch movies, or whatever and not incurr cost. i remember when i first got a cell phone and just accidentally hitting the "web" button on my kyocera cost a couple of dollars! now for $50 i have unlimited! holy cow!

*speaking of which...helio really needs to get on the ball with the damn new ocean. serously.*

all i'm sayin is that the current generation has it good. i don't care what kind of state the economy is in...you couldn't tell by shopping in a mall and looking at our youth. smothered in "baby phat" and "guess" and jabberin' on the latest and greatest devices from all the carriers...the economy seems to be doing just fine.

time for tea, movie and bed.

Friday, November 14, 2008


ok. only in america could someone like britney spears make a song called womanizer. let's start with the lyrics. the chorus goes something like this:

womanizer woman- womanizer oh
womanizer wo

oh who fuckin' cares. the fact is that she has no song writing talent. well, not none... she did write "Not Yet a Girl" way back in her good days. I have to give it to her a little too cuz her Blackout album was pretty good. but c'mon. and i've had a lot of people tell me that that womanizer thing is actually a good song. no no...it's CATCHY that doesn't make it GOOD. paint it black is GOOD, stairway to heaven is GOOD, mmbop is CATCHY but not really GOOD. people have no taste.

btw, i really love refusing refunds. i love the people who come in with a predetermined notion that we just take back everything like WalMart does and give out store credit like it's candy. i fuckin' love those people. they like to come in and say things like "i don't need a receipt because it's an even exchange" and i get to turn around a crush them with "yes you do." HEH! take that soccer moms. you've bought the wrong size shoes with cash and you threw away the receipt. please tell me that you're never coming back because as god as my witness i bet i'll be seeing you again sooner than you think! i mean, we're the only store around open at 7am and until 10pm....EVERYDAY! so there. i bet you won't be back. yeah.

just thought i'd throw that in there for a little humour.
ok. sleepy now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy birthday to ME!

so i'm 26 now. feels a lot like 25 just plus one. no biggie. but i did spend two amazing days with my man.

starting in MA we went south into RI. we went to Providence Place but, due to my error, parked in the wrong garage making our stay quite a bit shorter (only 45min or so) and paying $10 for parking! we found out later that for up to 3 HOURS in the Providence Place Parking garage would have only be $1!!!! fuck. so we left there and headed farther south and west. we had decided to check out Mohegan sun since my ID was going to expire on the 11th and my new license wouldn't be here yet. so we got down there with plenty of time to burn. i wasted $25 on the slots. i have a lot of control when it comes to stuff like that. I knew when i took $20 out of my account that i would never see it again so it was ok. so from there we decided to head back to providence. on our way there we thought about it and decided to change it up and stay at some random place before going back into the city. we stayed at the Sky View Inn and it kinda sucked at first then got a lot better. we opted for a night in and grabbed some snacks from shaws and just got drunk. some popcorn and wonderfullness later we passed out. today we started with providence place again (this time parking in the right lot) and had a much more relaxed time. after, we headed north back into MA. when asked what i wanted to do i suggested just "head west" but not home. so on route 109 (which neither of us had ever driven) we went. from beginning to end it was a great road...lots of big houses, beautiful countryside. a very scenic route. we stopped wherever we wanted and had no time table to think of. arriving at home it was a sad goodbye to the two days past but they're forever locked in memory.

in other news...i have to work tomorrow AM at 7. yuck. SOOOO...it's bed time for me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the Day!


i voted for Obama only cuz he's not McCain. I had a split-second thought for the "Green-Rainbow" party...but then thought against it. Good thing since they will of course not win. It's gonna be Obama. He's going to change the country to what it should have been! at least i hope so.

in other news, my zune kicks ass. got the downloading thing all put together so i can use my zune pass and get tons of music every month for nothin'! so excited!!!!!

i don't have much to comment on today. i really need to start writing down all the random shit from kmart so that i can share it all with you!