Friday, October 5, 2012


Good morning my fellow Googlers and Fiberatti!

Well it's another day. I don't have much for pictures or anything as I've not finished any projects this week. I know, I know, hold it down. Normally I knit faster than this and have made at least something. Well, this week has been a bit weird and though I have a few projects going, I haven't finished either of them!

I have discovered a couple of new albums of music though, and that makes me happy. My past is filled with music and I've always enjoyed exploring new sounds and new music. Therefore, as a slightly off topic post, I give you my two most played albums of the week. This won't be a regular thing but I feel it's my obligation to share music that I love.

1. Owl City - The Midsummer Station:
This album is the next in line for Owl City. The solo voice on this is Adam Young and the latest collection of songs is something from the past and present. I would say about half of them are just bubblegum and sugar. Really, just catchy tunes and things that you can dance to. The other half, however, is a mix of interesting sounds and melodies. "Shooting Star" is probably my favourite track and then there's "Take it all Away". The beats are different and the lyrics moving. He's even slowed it down with "Silhouette" which is kind of dreamy. Overall though, it's a great disc to throw in and just let play. Start to finish. Really nice.

2. A Silent Film - Sand and Snow:
I had NEVER heard of this band before and I know nothing about them. I was driving with Vic one day and "Harbour Lights" came on XM. I thought, hmm I really like this sound! I made a note in my phone and when I was home I looked them up. Oh man, I was blown away! From beginning to end this album is ethereal and magic. The songs are moving but not weird, if that makes any sense. The first song "Reaching the Potential" is odd but beautiful and it makes you think. Then "Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well" is like an epic story of young love triumphing through the battle scars of life. Also, the beat in that one makes you want to dance but the message doesn't which is an interesting juxtaposition. "Harbour Lights" is a melodic ode to a lover. Lightly catchy, it's an extended metaphor where the lead repeatedly says "you were my rock by never my stepping stone". It's interesting and wonderful and I just love it.

Ok...that's enough from me today. I promise the next post will be knitting or something. Just thought I'd share!