Thursday, October 30, 2008

double coupons blow

that's that. oh, and since when does everyone need to be at panera all at the same time? wtf?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

uh, yeah..

so i just got called into work again! oi vey. gotta head home now and change but i figured i'd use some internet from Panera first. like the fire place next to me...nice and warm. keeps the comp warm too. i just hate the stupid fucking filter they have for webpages. like i went to look for Helio Ocean hacks and it blocked half the pages. ugh. oh well...i guess that's a know, family place and all. haha. like i'd be jackin' off in the middle of panera or something! HAHA!!!

in other news, i've finished my first ever knitted toy. it's a penguin. of course. but not just any penguin, a LIME GREEN penguin! it's a little on the fat side but otherwise cute. picture to follow this post. so now it's on to finishing a scarf for my grandmother and then maybe a hat for suzie. gotta find a great pattern. well, the time has come, the walrus said, and with that i'm off to kmart hell.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yes yes i know

well it's been a couple of days and what a couple of days it's been.

to start, the knit-a-thon went SOOO WELL!!!!! we got a bunch of people in that we've never seen before, made lots of stuff, raised some money, sang karaoke, ate a bunch of free food and just had a really good time. oh sure, my hand was practically cramped all day the next day but who cares!? for a worthy cause, it was worth the sacrifice.

kmart is going swimmingly. i love customers this time of year. thank god the double coupon thing is over cuz i was ready to kill someone. old ladies are the best. well..some are anyway.

in general life is ok. wish i could pay my bills. they never stop growing sometimes. oh and a touch of arizona has breezed into lemon-town. so that's always interesting.

that's about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

couple days go by...

and project runway draws to a close! finally got to watch the finale and boy am i psyched. even just to see christian! *fierce!* man i love that show. makes me want to become a fashion designer. not gonna happen but still. and i'm so glad that kenley didn't win. god she was a bitch.

so related to the fashion world, i've decided to start making my own fashion line. i know that i said i won't be a fashion designer....but hey, coming up with the concept isn't really's just an idea that i've got. more to come on that but i don't wanna release anything until i have some safeties in order. can't have my idea scooped up by someone else now. but i've finished another pair of socks, this time not for warmer winters maybe. i might have to keep these ones. if not for me, they'll definitely be part of my overall concept/design.

and on that note it's bed time. toodles!

Monday, October 13, 2008

another kmart

wow. ok. so for all my bitching about my store it pales in comparison to the one i was in today. i was in salem, NH for 9 hours putting away stock and for all intents and purposes it was as if i never opened a box. the store wasn't in shambles. it was more as if a giant fucking tornado hit at the same time a hurricane blew through over an earthquake. i'm talkin' B-A-D! worse than bad. there was shit in places i didn't even think ever happend. but then again, when a customer sees that the store doesn't care then they don't care and that causes them to not hesitate to just put whatever they want WHEREver they want. seriously. there was 8 carts full of returns (or "drops" as they called them) AT 8AM! WHAT THE FUCK!? oh, and apparently the different codes that work in MA are too good for the NH's. i can't understand how they're still in business.

in other news, i've worked a shit load of hours now all at time and a half so i'm looking forward to a nice big paycheck. maybe get some credit cards taken care of. now it's off to knit until i pass out and go BACK to work in a few hours. oi. i hate the real world.


Thursday, October 9, 2008




i love life's little curve balls (sometimes). so i totally got into a fight with one of my managers. she had it coming tho. so i let her have it. i won. and i'll have my other managers' support tomorrow after i get a chance to talk to them. ha.

in other news, my sister has to write a paper on catherine the great. there are two methods outlined by the teacher: 1. they find a song pertaining to the individual given or, 2. they write a terza rima about that person. the final piece of the puzzle is you have to explain why they would be put in dante's hell and where... that's actually a bitchin' paper that i wish I got to write. but no. i can of course help but it wouldn't be fair to the other little kiddies to have the big brother with an english degree step in now would it? LOL!

also, english breakfast and earl grey teas are the BOMB!

i guess that's it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

zune 3 update, vermont trip and knitting news!

so for those that care there is a new Zune update! IT FUCKING ROCKS!!!! added functions, games and more. better wireless stuff too!!!! get it at or through your zune software!

ok. so today i went to vermont on a whim with my man. took a turn off of route 2 and ended up just heading farther north. saw turner falls, the connecticut river, some random parts of new hampshire and a LOT of route 119. actually, i think i found my new favourite street for getting lost on. route 119 goes way up into vermont and (i think) into Canada! that's sick. so going there that way some day. good thing vic's got a prius. we drove from leominster, ma, through erving, montague, and north into vermont via route 91, stopped in guilford, headed north into brattleboro, east through new hampshire then onto 119 all the way back into MA through fitchburg and home to leominster. ALL THIS ON 3 GALLONS OF GAS!!!!!!!!!!! god i love that car.

and in knitting news i'm finally almost done a scarf using the knifty knitter. it's taken FOREVER so i recommend AGAINST it if you're thinking about it. save those rings for hats and things, NOT SCARVES!!!! oi vey.

bed time now. gotta go to work tomorrow. yay. <--sarcasm.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

ok. today i tried a couple of new wines. one from cape cod and one from germany. the one from cape cod was a blush cranberry wine. not truro wine but just as good. so smooth and fruity with just a little bite. the one from germany was a reisling but of a different type. this was not the typical sweet resiling from german grapes. this was a crisp, fruity, VERY sweet wine and it's TOTALLY addictive. could easily drink the WHOLE bottle without a thought. just goes to show my irish heritage.

in other news, kmart still blows. i love all the new problems that i face everyday. lol. and while watching salon takeover on bravo i just learned something really good that i can use at the 'k'.

and now, after only a couple glasses of wine, i'm off for more!