Thursday, June 13, 2013

The "Knitting Scale": And idea that needs input!

I was recently inspired to compile this and I'll add to it as people chime in. Thanks +Dave Bennett for the idea!!!

The Knitting Scale:

On the "high" end, that will be all the stressful situations. Like, as Dave said, midnight on Xmas Eve and you're trying to get that cashmere scarf to dry and block correctly. Let's call this #crisisknitting.

On the "low" end, we'll need the equal and opposite. The kind of knitting that you can fall asleep doing, lose complete track of or not even put any energy into. We'll call this #boredknitting.

Somewhere on this line needs to be #drunkknitting which doesn't really need an explanation.

I'm thinking I'll come up with an Infographic of sorts eventually.

What are your thoughts, Fiberatti?!


#sickknitting (thanks +Erin W ) - when you're in bed and should be sleeping but you can't help but knit. Why? You don't know.

#plannedknitting (c/o +Dave Bennett ) - this. never. happens.... well, mostly never.

And a direct quote from +Zen Alpaca " #illicitknitting - (AKA #moonlightknitting) When you are cheating on the project you told everyone you are working on to cast on a new project, or You are so overwhelmed by your#stressknitting  that you need to do something else to get your mind off of the #crisisknitting project."

These are gettin' good guys!!

Another new one:
#meetingknitting - reserved for all those moments of conference calls or large-scale meaningless meetings. Maybe even during Webinars or training seminars because, really, this is cutting into your knitting time. Thanks to +Karen Bodil Pii Svane !

+Karen Bodil Pii Svane is kind of on a roll!!

#procrastiknitting - "when you really ought to go to the gym, but you could just do a few rows first..."

#focusknitting - that you can't do with too many people around - as opposed to #socialknitting 

Then +Zen Alpaca came up with #zombieknitting - the act of doing the same thing over and over again, for example:  knit one row purl the next to the point that you don't even have to pay attention any more. VERY closely related to #boredknitting

And also #warpspeedknitting - The act of being so involved in your knitting that you didn't realize what time it is until you look up and find that it is really late. Or  the last time you said just one more row and 40 rows and a few pattern adjustments later the sun is starting to come up again