Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, More Blog

Yay 2014! Of course, we're nearly half-way through January already...but whatever. Things are moving along. Life is always interesting and challenges have their way of popping up when you least expect it. First major challenge is finding a job. Slim pickin's out there for now and the DUA hasn't issued me a check yet. Yeah, TEN WEEKS without a paycheck from a service that I've been paying into for 2.5 decades...

In other news, I've got commissions and a couple of contract knits to worry about. I found out yesterday that my skills will be used for an upcoming book (!!) so I'm just waiting on confirmation, the terms, and eventually yarn. Both of these opportunities will become my primary focus once the supplies are in hand.

As for "Project: Make My Queue 2013", I can state that it was a resounding success! I started with 47 projects in my queue to make. Even with adding, switching, and frogging, it came out to 65 projects!! There are some still in progress too but I can't call them 2013 anymore and are not included in that number. I'm giving myself a big pat on the back for that one! AND that included two sweaters!

Knitting goal for 2014 is to basically knit what I feel but stay organized and, indeed, get more organized. I have a few different queues going this time and I'm using tags appropriately to stay on track. I don't think I'll be making multiples of anything either but my limit of only two pages for my entire queue is still in effect. This will keep me from adding things at random that I know I'll never make. I also plan on doing more designing and colourwork. I think there's an opportunity there that I haven't yet explored.

Completed project count for 2014 so far is 3. Yes, 11 days into the year and I've completed three projects. They were small but still, that's three less things on my queue! This just means I can get back to incomplete projects from the "project wall" and clear out that inventory. I also need to get started on the Master's class since they aren't going to wait yeah, 2014 is off to an ok start. Better than 2013 when I was near death from the Flu. Ha!

A short blog post for now but there'll be more. I've been pretty good about updating regularly so I'm hoping to stay on that as much as possible. Anyone wanting me to knit something for them, please submit your information and request through the link at the top "Request for Quote". I'll get them in an email and get back to you immediately!


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