Monday, December 30, 2013

Farewell 2013, You Won't be Missed

December 30th, 2013... I'm rather glad this year is over. I'm looking forward to what 2014 will bring. I'm hoping that a new job and a new outlook is just around the corner.

Originally I had planned on a long, drawn out end of year recap. Now, however, that doesn't really suit me right this moment. I'd rather be knitting anyway.

I will say this, I'm hoping to blog more. I'm hoping to knit more for my store and, indeed, get more store up and running for real. Etsy is a great stepping stone but I would rather be a knitter for hire than just making supplies for my inventory. I do have a couple ideas for making that happen though so we'll see.

As for life? Well, it's been less than fabulous since getting laid off. Recent law changes in MA have made all the various processes take exponentially longer and thus I haven't gotten a single check yet. Certainly not a very good way to start a new year.

Goals for 2014:

- Get better at sweaters
- Complete the Master Knitter's evaluation
- Clear out all my current WIP's
- Get my store and KFH site up and running
- Design more!

I guess you can call those "resolutions" if you want but I don't particularly subscribe to that whole thing. These are goals and are attainable with focus and diligence. Resolutions always seem to be more lofty and out of reach. I'll stick to this list and add to it as necessary.

That about does it, then! Kind of a pitiful last post of the year but it serves the purpose. I'm glad of what I've accomplished so far and look forward to the new challenges that await!


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